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Emerald Hills Ranch August 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

General Happenings at the Ranch

At the ranch, there have been several significant happenings recently:

  1. Hay Supply: The year's supply of hay is almost fully delivered, with just one more semi truck load of Teff and a few other stacks expected to arrive later this month. Eric played a crucial role in securing the grass alfalfa blend hay, considering that many growers have stopped production. It involved hours of effort in talking to suppliers and inspecting hay quality to ensure sufficient supply for the entire year.

  2. Fire Drills: The ranch conducted successful fire drills, ensuring that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Most people have already participated and signed off on reviewing the fire plan, but there are still a few individuals who need to complete this process.

  3. Summer Groove: With summer in full swing, the ranch is in a productive and smooth operating rhythm. The focus is on working on various projects and maintaining the ranch's functionality to provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for horse owners and visitors.

We have a dedicated team and a lot of hard work going on at the ranch to ensure the well-being of the animals and the safety of everyone involved. Stay tuned, as we highlight the team that makes everything work in the next newsletter.

Welcome New Ranch Members

We are delighted to extend a heartfelt welcome to Kristin Jankowski and her stunning bay gelding, Alexander! We are thrilled to have you both join our ranch family. Alexander, the talented eventer, is already winning hearts with his incredible journey to recovery from lameness issues. Let's all give them a warm ranch welcome!

A special shoutout to Brandy Stamper and her adorable companion, Johnny! On August 1st, they moved into paddock #11, and we simply can't wait to meet you both. Get ready for some fantastic times together!

Fond Farewells

While we embrace new beginnings, we must bid farewell to some cherished members of our ranch family. Catherine Elkins and her beloved Georgia have relocated to the beautiful Los Gatos area. We wish them all the best as Georgia gets to enjoy her dream life alongside Catherine. We'll miss you both, and your memories will forever hold a place in our hearts!

In Loving Remembrance

With heavy hearts, we say goodbye to our dear friend, Rico. He has crossed the rainbow bridge to be reunited with his companion, Honey, who left us a few years ago. Gina and Lance, thank you for being a part of Rico's journey, and we'll miss your daily visits and Rico's calm and inquisitive spirit. Let's cherish the memories we created with Rico, and may he frolic happily with Honey across the rainbow bridge. Please take some time to view this amazing video of Rico:

Improvements & Repairs

We wanted to update you on some ongoing improvements and repairs happening at the ranch:

Irrigation Leak: You might have noticed the giant hole and mound of dirt along 128 near the front gate. We've been facing an irrigation system leak that runs under the highway from Lake Solano to the ranch. Our dedicated team, including Chauncey and Laura, have been hard at work locating the leak. Once again, we appreciate your patience as we devise a plan to restore our irrigation system, ensuring consistent water supply for our lush green turn-out pastures.

Fencing: We're happy to report that our fence replacement and painting project are progressing steadily. The ranch is starting to look even more beautiful with each day!

Boarder of the Month

  1. Boarder name: Susan Killeen

  2. Horses names: Apollo and Molly

  3. How long have you been riding horses? Although I have never passed up an opportunity to ride a horse, I have only ridden my own horses once! I have always rescued and rehabilitated horses and just enjoy working with them. However, I am hoping to finally trail ride now that my nest will be empty beginning this September.

  4. What is your favorite movie? Camelot

  5. What is one thing you like to do outside of horses? I love to travel.

  6. What breed are your horses, and why did you choose these breeds? Apollo is a Clydesdale/Percheron cross, and Molly is a Paint.

  7. What is your favorite food dish? Thai food and any homemade pasta dish.

  8. Name one thing about your horses that most do not know? Apollo: Apollo has Shivers, which is exaggerated when he is anxious or nervous. Since arriving at Emerald Hills when I got him a year ago, it has diminished substantially. He is clearly very happy here!. Molly: Although I didn’t know that Molly was even registered when I decided to take her, I then found out that she descended from Doc Bar, one of the most prolific sires of the cutting horse industry.

  9. What would your dream vacation be? A safari in Africa

  10. What is one word that best describes each of your horses? Apollo: Stoic Molly: Sassy

  11. Why do you enjoy horse riding? It is such a connection with these amazing creatures.


Safety Issues

The safety of our beloved horses and our community is always our top priority. Here are a couple of important updates:

Quarantine for Sassy: Recently, UCD Field Service was out to see Sassy, who may have pigeon fever. While we're awaiting a confirmed diagnosis, as a precautionary measure, Sassy has been placed in quarantine in the brown barn. We appreciate your cooperation in following our quarantine procedures to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Compassion and Information: Let's come together to show compassion for Sassy and Amber during this challenging time. To help those less familiar with pigeon fever, we've attached some informative articles that will dispel any rumors and unnecessary panic. Knowledge is our best tool in dealing with any situation!

Photo of the Month

This is our gallop track with a cross country jump for those so inclined.


Here are some friendly reminders to ensure the safety and well-being of all our ranch members:

Feeding Horses: Please refrain from feeding your horse grain by the cross ties, hitching post, or round pen. This simple act will avoid safety issues for other horses tied up nearby. We have designated feeding areas, and you can always use your stall if you need to leave your horse unattended while they eat.

Follow Quarantine Procedures: We kindly request everyone to follow the quarantine procedures diligently. If you haven't spoken with Laura or received a message from her regarding this, please reach out to her at your earliest convenience. Together, we can maintain a healthy and secure environment for all.

Evacuation Destinations: Safety is paramount, and we need everyone's cooperation in this regard. We still have a few boarders who haven't confirmed their evacuation destinations in case of any emergency. It's crucial that you do so as soon as possible to ensure the well-being of our horses and staff if the need ever arises.

Cartoon of the Month

Final Thoughts

As we work together to make these improvements and address safety concerns, we encourage open communication within our ranch community. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Together, we can create an even better and safer environment for our horses and ourselves.

Thank you for being part of our amazing ranch community!

Sincerely, Laura & Eric

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