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Emerald Hills Ranch February 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 1

Dear Emerald Hills Ranch Family,

As we bid farewell to another month, we reflect on the resilience and hard work that have defined February at the ranch, especially given the recent weather challenges. Despite the adversities, our community's spirit has never wavered. Here’s a look at what’s been happening at the ranch:

General Happenings at the Ranch

February brought with it a barrage of rain, creating persistently wet conditions that tested our resolve and resourcefulness. However, our dedicated team rose to the occasion, working tirelessly to manage water flow and prevent flooding in critical areas, particularly around the arena. Through the construction of trenches and the implementation of innovative water management strategies, we have ensured that our operations continue smoothly, minimizing the time our horses need to spend in stalls. This not only maintains their physical health but also their spirits.

Moreover, our commitment to the ranch's upkeep didn't pause; despite the mud and the mire, we've kept up with grass cutting, fence repairs, and other essential maintenance tasks, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all our residents and guests.

Welcome New Ranch Members

This month, we warmly welcomed Lauren Maas into our ranch family, along with her two rescue Thoroughbreds, Gallon and Rain. Gallon, has found a cozy spot in our paddocks, while Rain enjoys the freedom of our lush pastures. Lauren's passion for horses and her enthusiastic spirit have already made her a beloved member of our community. We're excited to create countless memorable moments together and support each other in our equine endeavors.

Fond Farewell

It's with a mixture of sadness and best wishes that we say goodbye to Melody and Pony Boy. As they embark on a new journey at Travis Airforce Base, we reflect on the joy and companionship they've brought to our ranch. Their presence will be greatly missed, but we're comforted knowing they're starting a promising new chapter together. We extend our heartfelt best wishes for their future and look forward to hearing about their new adventures.

Photos of the Month

Our 'Photos of the Month' segment highlights the serene beauty of Tarquin, captured as he enjoys the freedom of our picturesque live-in pasture. These moments remind us of the tranquility and beauty that life at the ranch offers.


Ranch Improvements

Our commitment to providing the best possible environment for our horses and community members remains unwavering. This month saw several improvements across the ranch:

  • Maintaining Cleanliness: Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather, our dedication to keeping the ranch clean and tidy has not faltered. Our concerted efforts ensure that the barns, paddocks, and common areas remain pleasant and safe for everyone.

  • Successful Hay Protection: We have continued our proactive measures to protect our hay supply from adverse weather conditions. Additionally, this month, we have addressed an urgent need by fixing and securing the hay stack that had unfortunately fallen over. Our quick response and thorough work have ensured that our hay remains safe and dry, providing a reliable food supply for our equine residents.

  • Enhanced Safety Measures: In our continuous pursuit of safety, we've implemented additional features like muck buster mulch at strategic points around the ranch. These new installations not only promote the safety of our equine friends but also help in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for both staff and visitors.

  • Paddock Optimization: We've made significant adjustments to Paddock #6, dividing it into two separate areas to better accommodate the needs of our horses. This change has been particularly beneficial for Gallon, who is recovering from an injury and now enjoys a more suitable living arrangement that supports his recovery and well-being.

Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

Did you know that horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal? Their large eyes provide them with excellent vision, including the ability to see nearly 360 degrees around them at one time. This incredible field of vision helps them detect predators and navigate their surroundings with ease. Explore more fascinating facts about horse care and health in this article: 10 Fun Facts About Equine Care and Health


This article delves into interesting tidbits about equine care and health that every horse enthusiast should know. From quirky habits to surprising anatomical features, these fun facts shed light on the extraordinary world of horses and provide valuable insights into their care and well-being.

Boarder & Horse of the Month

·       Boarder Name: Lynne Powell

·       Horse name: Buddy (Art Newvo)

·       How long have you been riding horses: Started lessons at 8 years old at Princeton riding Stables, Princeton NJ.  Owned my first horse at age 12.

·       What is your favorite movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

·       What is one thing you like to do outside of horses: Golfing, spending time at the Jersey shore, and working with special needs adults.

·       What breed is your horse, and why did you choose this breed? Buddy is an Arabian.  They are intelligent and people oriented.

·       What is your favorite food dish? Lobster from the Jersey shore

·       Name one thing about your horse that most do not know: Buddy likes to put his head on your shoulder and cuddle.

·       What would your dream vacation be: Travel to the Galapagos Islands

·       What is one word that best describes your horse: Kind

·       Why do you enjoy horse riding? Horses are wonderful therapy, and they are versatile in the type of riding you want to do.

Safety Issues

As always, safety remains paramount at Emerald Hills Ranch. Please exercise caution in the arena, particularly around the sandbags dividing the covered and uncovered sections to prevent flooding.

Additionally, we kindly remind everyone to ensure gate chains are securely fastened before leaving to prevent any accidental escapes or injuries.


A friendly reminder to assist our staff by properly sorting trash and recycling. It's essential for maintaining cleanliness and efficiency around the ranch, so let's all do our part to keep the environment clean and organized.


Cartoon of the Month

Final Thoughts

As we close this month’s newsletter, we want to express our profound gratitude to every member of the Emerald Hills Ranch family. Your dedication, care, and love for our horses are what make this place special. Despite the challenges, your positive spirit and commitment have shone through, reinforcing the strong bond within our community.

Let's continue to support each other, sharing in the joys and challenges of ranch life.

Together, we make Emerald Hills Ranch a haven of friendship, care, and respect for the magnificent creatures we have the privilege to accompany.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. Here’s to the shared moments and experiences that lie ahead!

Warmest regards,

Laura & Eric


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