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January 2022 Newsletter


We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year’s. With the goal of having better communication with all our boarders, management of Emerald Hills Ranch will be sending a monthly newsletter to each boarder to bolster our community and keep folks informed of the general happenings around the ranch. This document is a work in progress, so feel free to give any suggestions on how to improve this newsletter and all other communication going forward. Looking forward to a great 2022!


We would like to be the first to officially welcome Laura Hering as our new Barn Manager for Emerald Hills Ranch. She has been working with us on a part time basis since early November on various projects, and we are happy to be able to offer her this position to help provide better communication, structure, and organization to the ranch. What initially stood out was the genuine care and pride that she had for the ranch as a boarder. She has always exerted a sense of wanting the ranch to be the best it could be. Her past experiences of being a ranch manager for a 25-horse competition barn in Petaluma and also being an estate manager for a private hunter jumper who owned 9 competition horses also played a part in our decision to bring her onto the team. Please take some time to welcome and congratulate Laura on her new role.

She will be working full time throughout the week, with her day off being Wednesdays. Her role is to assist in managing the property and the horse related areas and activities ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all our boarders. Boarders should direct all ranch questions to Laura first. If there are questions that might need owner approval, she will relay to Bob or Eric for approval. Her contact information is as follows, Cell: (925) 348-4795 and Email: She will be available for any calls or texts between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm, any calls outside of those times will be responded to by the next morning. If there is an emergency after hours, please note of the emergency in the message. Please respect her personal time, and only contact after hours for a true emergency.

"Happy horses make for happy people. I hope to facilitate this for the Haraga’s through consideration of all the diverse needs of our horses and the people who love them." – Laura Hering

  • Our newest addition to the ranch is Spitfire a 20 year old Arabian gelding owned by Charlie Black. They arrived on Christmas eve and have settled in quite well in paddock #12.

  • Finn, a 14-year-old Friesian gelding owned by Jane Lee is an addition to our pasture. Welcome Jane and Finn.

  • Trina’s herd is growing as we add Teddy the Haflinger. He will be joining Trooper and Tobi in paddock 6. We said goodbye to Rocky, but rejoiced in his retirement home in a big pasture with another equine companion.

  • Foxy the mule owned by Kelli Davis joined us in the fall. She sure is cute and many of the horses were quite curious about her when she first arrived. Love those ears.

  • We also had to say good-bye to one horse this month as Nono passed away Monday January 10, 2022.



The front gate is now fully functional and adds security and safety for the horses at the ranch. Thank you everyone for your patience during the hectic days of installation. We appreciate it. Many little items get repaired everyday such as fences, leaks, drainage, pasture gates, etc. If you become aware of anything that needs attention please notify Laura, the ranch manager, by email at or speak to her directly.


While the fire season is far away in our minds, creating a safe and fire safe barn is equally important. Installation of fire extinguishers, an additional gate for multiple exit points in the main barn, quick access and general inspection are improvements we are making last month and will continue through this month as well.


Here is an interesting read on some native plants in our area: Poisonous Native Plants: Fiddleneck and Groundsel

  • A gentle reminder to everyone to be considerate of other boarders in regards to the amount of time in turn out, to leave a time in so that others are aware of when they are able to turn out.

  • Please pick up your horse’s manure in all areas of the ranch. The staff should only clean manure out of the paddocks.

  • Lastly, the carts used for moving heavy grain bags or anything at all are to be returned to the spot outside the grain room under the awning for everyone to use. Please return the carts when you are finished with them.

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