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August 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

General Happenings at the Ranch

Changes: Hello EHR folks. There are many changes at the barn in regards to new horses arriving, and leaving. Hang in there and try to be as accommodating as possible as folks find their way into our intimate community. Be friendly to help the new ladies fit in and find their way around.

Gate codes: We are having a few glitches getting the gate codes added for new boarders and deleting old numbers. Please be patient with this as we have been trying and will get it done ASAP (by the end of this upcoming week).

Welcome to Emerald Hills Ranch

Kat Skinner with Daisy in paddock #10

Kacy Davis & Carol Tower are in paddock #4. Telli is the flea bitten gray and Noci is the bay

Kristie Riddlesperger joins us in paddock #6 with two retired chestnut geldings Goose & Turner (Blaze & 4 socks)

Goodbye to Boarders

Happy Trails to those in July and August

Teddy, Tobi, Trooper, Rio, & Destiny. Trina, Stephanie, Paul, and Tempy have moved over the Whispering Winds where Tempy can ride with kids her own age and have that enriching experience in addition to riding with her family. We will all miss you and your lovely horses.

Gemee. See ya around town Laura Lucero. We hope Gemee is happy in Oregon and adjusting well to her new retired lifestyle.

Hercules has found a wonderful new home in Lake County. Pam and her granddaughters are just smitten with him. He seems really happy in the videos they have sent me.

Remembering Zella

Our tears have filled a pond,

Our memories a field of grass

We walk with you around it

To lay you down to rest.


Photo of the Month

Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

Ever wondered how to do a body conditioning score on your horse? Mid summer is one of the best times to do this. Click on the link below for step by step.

Completed Projects for July

Mosquito Fish: Were added by the Yolo County Vector to all our water tanks

Manure Pile: We have been diligent on keeping the pile at a minimal level and spreading as a fire break on the property across the bridge. Hopefully everyone has noticed less flies because of this.

Star Thistle: We have spent weeks removing most of the star thistle around the property.

Filling Holes: Filled most of the holes around the property in the paddocks and pastures.

Current Projects for August

Shade Shelters: 5 of the new shade shelters are completed, and the 6th and final structure should be completed this week.

Fence replacement/Painting: This will be an ongoing project into Autumn

Paddock Signs: We will be creating signs for each paddock (#, details of horse & owner, feed schedule, etc). We plan to have signs for all paddocks completed before the end of the month.

Safety Issues

Evacuation Plan The fire evacuation plan was emailed to everyone and most have confirmed receipt. After the fire drill, we will make some adjustments, and have a final version emailed out shortly.


Drive Slow! Please drive slowly as you enter the property. Many folks drive way too fast from the gate to the parking lot. Speed limit is 5 mph. Its a short drive from the barn to the gate, so please be respectful to other boarders, Bob & Kay, and anyone else that may be walking/driving on our property. Please slow down so we don’t have to post ugly signs reminding you.

Cartoon of the Month

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