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June 2023 Newsletter

General Happenings at the Ranch

There has been a whirlwind of activity now that we are fully staffed. We want to thank all of our boarders for their patience during this period of 5 months while we hired and trained several rounds of new workers. We have a good working set of people now and its exciting to have the opportunity to continue making the ranch a wonderful place to spend time with your horses.

The irrigation system is up and running and we hope to have two green turn out pastures with a couple of weeks.


  • Courtney with Tarquin - A wonderful bay living in the gelding pasture.

  • Amanda with Slick - A competition quarter horse here to spend out his retirement years with us. We are lucky to have this special guy.

  • Amber with Delta & Sassy - These two palomino mares are beautiful. If you haven’t seen them yet, walk down to the front pasture and say hello. Just a note that Sassy can be just that..sassy, so if she is not in the mood for attention say hi another day.


  • Kristie ~ Goose & Turner - Will be so thrilled to be moving to their new barn within 5 minutes of their home. We will miss your giant silliness.

  • Charlie ~ Spitfire - Arrived safely in his new home just outside of Charlotte, NC. We wish them the best in their new home state.

  • Zara ~ Apollo - Will be moving down to Gilroy with Zara. Congratulations on your recent graduation from UCD and your new job.

Photo of the Month


  • We are fully staffed after 5 months of finding just the right people to work at the ranch. This is wonderful as there are many projects on the to do list.

  • There are numerous improvements all over the property since our last newsletter and many of you have commented on the overall tidiness and upkeep of the property. Thank you for noticing all the little things we do to make the ranch a nice place to spend time with your horse. The list is a bit overwhelming to put into the newsletter but rest assured we have been busy!

  • Fence painting and replacement of worn out boards is the current project.

  • We just finished building a new paddock for Dallas.

Boarder of the Month

  1. Boarder Name: Gina Linville

  2. Horse Name: Rico

  3. How long have you been riding horses: Since 2009

  4. What is your favorite movie: A Good Year

  5. What is one thing you like to do outside of horses: Hanging out with my family!

  6. What breed is your horse, and why did you choose this breed: Registered Morgan. I love their wonderful temperament. Rico is a pretty easygoing guy!

  7. What is your favorite food dish: Greek Salad

  8. Name one thing about your horse that most do not know: Rico's nickname is "Lazarus" On many occasions, he's been close to being put down and then miraculously improves!

  9. What would your dream vacation be: Spain

  10. What is one word that best describes your horse: Gentle Giant

  11. Why do you enjoy horse riding: The exhilarating feeling you get and it's a beautiful way to bond with your horse! I look forward to riding more!

Gina & Rico

Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

I found this article interesting perhaps you will too. Managing the itchy horse.

Safety Issues

Fire drill coming in late June / early July, stay tuned for proposed dates for participation.


Have you secured an evacuation location should that arise, checked your trailer lately for safety, and familiarize yourself with our evacuation plan?

Cartoon of the Month

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