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March 2022 Newsletter

General Happenings at the Ranch

With the current dry weather, we will begin to irrigate the turn out pastures as soon as we are able. This depends on the water level at the pump located by the lake. This year will be slightly different in our approach. Stay tuned for details.

Welcome and Goodbye to Boarders

  • Steime’s move to Oregon was postponed due to bad weather for transportation so this month we will say goodbye and wish them the best.

  • Welcome Cinnamon, Nissa's new horse in the quarantine paddock.


  • A hose for use in the cross ties was installed. This is for rinsing urine when a horse pees in the cross ties. This is absolutely not for washing horses. Please use the designated wash areas for hosing down, cleaning and bathing horses.

  • If the weather remains warm and dry we will begin some painting projects starting with paddock fencing and the mare motel.

  • Sun shelters will also be installed starting with 16A and 18.

Ranch Survey

We are trying to get a pulse on the state of the ranch, and figured a short questionnaire would be a good starting point. If you can take the time to answer 3 short questions, that will help us create a baseline at where things are as of today. Thank you for taking the time and for providing us with your thoughts and suggestions about the ranch. Just click on the link below, and It will direct you to the 3 question form. Under the top, it says to sign in to google to save your progress, then a “* required”. Disregard that, you do not need to sign in to fill out the questionnaire. Also, your feedback is completely anonymous. We only see the answers, not who submitted them (we turned this feature off). Click Here for Ranch Survey

Fun Facts About Horse Care or Horse Health

Dr.Wendy Weiberg shared this link with me about EHV-1

Most barns have a deworming schedule that all boarders are required to adhere to minimize the resistance that some internal parasites can develop.

This is the American Association of Equine Practitioners guidelines for worming horses.

Photos of the Month – Grazing

Safety Issues

Quarantine procedures were emailed out to everyone to follow for Cinnamon. Please stay diligent and remember to keep everyone safe at the barn during this period by keeping our distance.


  • Spring Vaccinations are coming due for most horses on a bi-annual schedule. Many have posted their vet’s dates on the white board. If you want to share in the savings of splitting the vet call fee then reach out to the various groups and get your horse scheduled at the same time.

  • A friendly reminder to keep all your grain, supplements, and treats in the grain rooms. The mice are quite destructive to tack as well as carry disease such as the hantavirus. Keeping all food items in sealed containers in the appropriate rooms should reduce the mice from taking up residence in the tack rooms and keep your saddles and pads from damage.

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