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October 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

General Happenings at the Ranch

In September we had our first Full Moonlight ride, it was spectacular. We hope to do more fun rides like this in the future. We had our first rain of fall 2022 as well. The horses all came in for 2 nights and it was pretty uneventful considering all the new horses. Sadly our irrigation of the turn out pastures has come to a halt due to an electrical issue at the pump. The parts are ordered but since there seems to be all sorts of shortages and hikes in prices, it was estimated to take over a month to get the parts.


Kirsten Kanarr with Granite the gray thoroughbred/percheron cross in paddock #13

Kelsey Bradanini with Ricky the bay thoroughbred in paddock #15

Hannah Firth joins us in paddock #14 with Kippie and Fetch, both sorrel QH. Kippie has a flaxen mane.

Lynn Powell joined us with Buddy the Arabian in paddock #19

Susan Goodwin rounds out the new group with Apollo, a clydesdale/percheron cross in paddock #16A, and Molly a paint in #17 with Charm.

Foxy went off to be saddle trained and will be back.


Ruby, Haylee’s mustang is heading to live with a trainer in transition to her new home. We will miss you both.


Jeffey lived 12 wonderful years in our retirement pasture after Janice and his riding time together ceased. Sadly he crossed over the rainbow bridge in late September. Sorry for your loss Janice, words cannot express how saddened we are to hear of your loss.

Upcoming Event

Barn Party with Costume Parade: Sunday October 30 from Noon to 4:00PM. There is a signup sheet for food by the white board.


  • The mare motel stall barn got a facelift with wood panel replacement and automatic waters working great.

  • No climb fencing installed between Sunny and the live in pasture.

Boarder & Horse of the Month

  1. Boarder Name: Collette Williams

  2. Horse Name: His name is Wolke but he was What a Feeling 9 as a foal in Germany and High Resolution when he competed in eventing.

  3. How long have you been riding horses: That’s a tough one! I started riding 53 years ago (hunter/jumper) but took a long break for school/child rearing/work. Dressage has been my focus for the last 20 years. I’m no athlete, so it doesn’t come naturally for me.

  4. What is your favorite movie: An obscure movie from 1966 called King of Hearts

  5. What is one thing you like to do outside of horses: I love SCUBA diving. Taught the sport for UC Davis for 10 years and at the Catalina Island Marine Institute’s SeaCamp program for 3 summers.

  6. What breed is your horse, and why did you choose this breed: He’s a Hanoverian. I’ve always loved Warmbloods but never thought I could afford one. Wolke was 20 when I bought him but in great shape, so I got really lucky!

  7. What is your favorite food dish: Lobster is at the top of my list but I’m a big fan of most seafood, especially sushi.

  8. Name one thing about your horse that most do not know: He was imported from Germany as a 3-year-old for eventing but spent his early years in Canada as a trail horse.

  9. What would your dream vacation be: The one I’m doing in January! Diving the Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro) with manta rays, multiple species of sharks (including hammerheads!), dolphins, and if we get lucky, humpback whales and whale sharks.

  10. What is one word that best describes your horse: Curmudgeon

  11. Why do you enjoy horse riding: For me it’s not just about the riding (though I love that too!) but about having a close relationship with another being. I lost my only child, Justin, a week after I bought Wolke, so caring for him and my goofy, deaf Dogo Argentino, Xander, saved me.


Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

  1. Core Equine Vaccinations - by Sharron Biggs

  2. Does Your Horse Need Fall Vaccines - by Horse Illustrated

Photos of the Month

Safety Issues

Wash racks and cross ties. With many new boarders it is likely that folks may not know exactly our barn policies in regards to our cross ties, hitching posts, and wash stations.

  1. Cross ties are for tacking up and dry grooming only. The hose in that area is for cleaning urine only. No washing horses in that area as it poses risk of slippery conditions for human and horse. Manure bucket for waste.

  2. Hitching post is also a “dry only” station as many people tack up there. Exceptions can be made in the dark. Please pick up manure.

  3. The red hose next to the hitching post if for a quick rinse after riding or on hot days. Do Not Ever tie your horse to the fence there.

  4. The official washing station is on the side of the barn just past the outside stalls. It has a tie up area with non-slip concrete and drain.


We have had great improvement in people driving slower as they arrive onto the property and exit. Let’s keep up this good work.

Please pick up your manure anywhere on the property other than your personal paddock and the turnout pasture. All cross ties, hitching posts, wash racks, arena, round pen, and walkways are to be cleaned when your horse relieves itself.

Cartoon of the Month

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