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Emerald Hills Ranch December 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

General Happenings at the Ranch

Have you observed the bustling activity around our organization lately? Numerous projects are underway, ensuring that our space is winter-ready for the upcoming rainy season.

Exciting news – our 2nd annual holiday photo shoot is here, all thanks to the efforts of Kelsey, Hannah, and Kirsten. To streamline the process, we've introduced a sign-up sheet for time slots this year. Fingers crossed for clear skies and beautiful weather to capture those perfect moments!

In addition to the photo shoot, mark your calendars for our barn party taking place on Sunday, December 10th, from 12 PM to 5 PM. It promises to be a fantastic day filled with fun and festivities.

Let's come together and make this holiday season memorable!

Welcome New Ranch Members

Paddock #15 welcomes Ahsoka, the newest member of Morgan and Ray's family. They are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a two-legged bundle of joy, and Ahsoka is already making herself at home, proving to be a delightful addition to our barn.

Over in paddock #14, meet Ace and Gracie! Nikki Nicola and her mom joined us on Sunday December 3rd. They graciously endured the waiting game during our initial rains, showing incredible patience to allow Morgan and Ray to settle onto the ranch. A warm welcome to the Emerald Hills Family!

Join us in celebrating these heartwarming additions to our community.

Fond Farewells

Exciting News! Sassy and Delta are embarking on a journey to Missouri! Amber and her family have acquired a new property, marking the beginning of a fresh chapter in the southern region. As they set out on this adventure, we extend our warmest wishes for a safe and smooth journey, with hopes for a seamless trailering experience along the way. Best of luck on your new venture!

In Loving Remembrance

Wolke, where do we begin to capture the essence of someone so deeply engraved in our hearts? The moment he left our lives, we felt an immediate void. Loved by many, our sympathies and heartfelt condolences go out to Colette and all those who were fortunate to call Wolke a friend.


We are thrilled to share some recent improvements that have taken place at our facility, enhancing the overall experience for our equine friends and ensuring a more efficient and comfortable environment:

Main Barn Upgrade:

  • The old gutter at the rear of the main barn has been replaced with a new one.

  • The roof has been extended, providing additional coverage to keep the horses in the back sheltered and dry throughout the winter.

Mare Motel Makeover:

  • New boards and baseboard installation have been completed in the mare motel (shed row barn) adjacent to the hay barn.

Main Barn Reconfiguration:

  • The back section of the main barn has been reconfigured to create a proper fire exit, ensuring safety for all.

  • Two new stalls have been added in the space previously occupied by a stallion.

  • An extra trailer parking space has been created for added convenience.

Arena and Grounds Preparation:

  • Sand has been added to the arena, providing improved footing for various activities.

  • Low spots in the dirt have been addressed to prevent water pooling during the winter rainy season.

  • Ditches have been redug, and new water routes have been established for better drainage.

Hay Storage:

  • All hay has been securely tarped, a significant effort that ensures protection from rain and wind.

These enhancements signify our ongoing commitment to creating a safe, comfortable, and well-maintained space for our beloved horses. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more exciting updates with you in the future.

Boarder & Horse of the Month

Boarder of the Month

  1. Boarder name: Lindsay Dyer

  2. Horses names:  Belle and Oakley

  3. How long have you been riding horses?  Pretty much my whole life. My aunt started taking me riding when I was 3 or 4.

  4. What is your favorite movie? The Office but if we are aiming for a horse movie, it would be Man from Snowy River, I grew up watching that a million times.

  5. What is one thing you like to do outside of horses?  Aviation. I have my pilots license and I enjoy all things Aviation related.

  6. What breed are your horses, and why did you choose these breeds?  My horses are a blend of a lot of things. Probably the result of some backyard breeding. Belle is most likely quarter horse and some sort of gaited horse as she can do a running walk/4 beat gait. The auction where Oakley came from said she is Arabian but she has to be mixed with Welsh or some sort of pony. I don’t see much of the Arabian. 😀

  7. What is your favorite food dish?  Chips and Salsa

  8. Name one thing about your horses that most do not know?  Oakley’s filly was born 1 day after we evacuated from Emerald Hills when the fire came a few years ago.  She held on just long enough to get to a safe temporary spot.

  9. What would your dream vacation be?  Dream Vacation would be a place I can go to the beach and hang out one day and go skiing the next.

  10. What is one word that best describes each of your horses? Oakley-Chubby? Belle-Loyal

  11. Why do you enjoy horse riding? While I don’t ride much these days, I love trail riding. Just being outside for a few hours with the horses is great.


Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

Photo of the Month

Safety Issues

To maintain a secure environment in the barns, it's essential to keep the aisles free from clutter and obstacles. Please limit shavings storage in front of your stall to two bags only. If you require additional bag storage, it is conveniently located next to the drying rack. For easy identification, kindly write your horse's name on their shavings bags. Your cooperation ensures a safe and organized space for everyone. Thank you!


Everyone have a Merry Christmas1

Cartoon of the Month

Final Thoughts

In closing, as December unfolds, may the warmth of community, the joy of shared moments, and the spirit of the season fill your hearts. Thank you for being an integral part of our Emerald Hills family.

Wishing you a festive and joyful holiday season,


Eric and Laura

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