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March 2024 Newsletter

Dear Emerald Hills Ranch Community,

As the colors of spring begin to paint our landscape, we welcome you to the March edition of our newsletter. This month has been filled with significant events, from ensuring the health and well-being of our beloved horses to welcoming new additions to our ranch family. We've navigated through various challenges with resilience and dedication, continuing to uphold the values of care and camaraderie that define our community. Join us as we reflect on the highlights of March and celebrate the spirit of unity and passion that thrives at Emerald Hills Ranch.

General Happenings at the Ranch

This month, our team diligently coordinated spring vaccinations for all our horses. With only a few horses remaining to be vaccinated by their owners, we ensured that our equine companions are protected against common diseases, promoting their overall health and well-being.

Our deworming program continues to yield positive results. Recent fecal samples collected from five horses all came back negative, indicating the effectiveness of our approach. However, it's important to emphasize that negative results do not mean we can skip deworming. We remind everyone to adhere to our deworming protocol to maintain the health and safety of our entire horse population.

Despite challenging weather conditions and staffing adjustments, we successfully kept the arena open throughout the month. With dedicated efforts from our team, including the departure of Blake and the trial period for Morgan, we ensured that our facilities remained accessible for training and exercise activities.

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Max, our newest addition to the ranch family! Max has quickly become a beloved companion, charming everyone with his friendly demeanor and playful antics. He's already formed a special bond with Bob and is eagerly exploring his new surroundings.

Our encounters with the cows, particularly Number 100, have provided some amusing challenges. Despite our best efforts to mend fences, Number 100 seems determined to assert his independence and is convinced that he belongs to Jennifer, our neighbor to the north. We continue to navigate these playful antics with patience and creativity, ensuring that our pastures remain secure and our cow’s content.

Welcome New Ranch Members

We are thrilled to welcome not only some new four-legged friends but also new employees to Emerald Hills Ranch, enriching our community with their presence:

  • Lauren Maas’s handsome bay Thoroughbred, Jason, has found his new home in the gelding pasture. It's a joyous occasion as all three of Lauren's horses are now together in one place, bringing a sense of relief and comfort to both them and their owner.

  • Joining us in the gelding pasture is Jessica Peek's horse, Jack. With his gentle disposition and charming personality, Jack is settling in seamlessly with his new herd, adding a touch of warmth and camaraderie to our bay-colored companions.

  • We're also excited to introduce Nissa Stephenson's new arrival, Steam Roller! This adorable equine traveler journeyed all the way from Missouri via Equine Express to join us at Emerald Hills Ranch. While currently in quarantine across the bridge, Steam Roller will soon be joining Charm in paddock number 7. Get ready to be charmed by this cute newcomer!

  • Kathy Martin has recently joined our ranch community part-time, assisting with various projects and horse care. We're grateful for Kathy's contributions and look forward to her continued involvement at Emerald Hills Ranch.

  • We're excited to extend a warm welcome to Morgan Whitehouse, who is currently in the midst of his initial evaluation period at Emerald Hills Ranch. Morgan has been actively involved in a diverse range of projects across our property, showcasing his skills and dedication to our community. We look forward to witnessing his contributions and growth in the days ahead.

Fond Farewell

None at this time.

In Loving Remembrance

None at this time.


Boarder & Horse of the Month


  1. Boarder name: Hannah Firth

  2. Horse names:  Kippy

  3. How long have you been riding horses?  22 years

  4. What is your favorite movie? Casablanca

  5. What is one thing you like to do outside of horses?  Running and hiking out on trails. I have so many hobbies though it’s always hard to pick.

  6. What breed is your horse and why did you choose this breed?  Quarter horse, they are predominantly the breed I’ve always worked with. They are trustworthy, kind, patient and versatile horses. We also competed in barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying and cattle sorting which are all quarter horse heavy events.

  7. What is your favorite food dish?  Anything Mexican!

  8. Name one thing about your horse that most do not know?  He LOVES to swim. Not just wade in the water but he will swim circles in the pond

  9. What would your dream vacation be?  Anywhere with tropical white sandy beaches.

  10. What is one word that best describes your horse? Aloof 😂 it’s hard to tell if he likes you because his queues are so subtle. It takes a while to learn his love language.

  11. Why do you enjoy horse riding? The connection and freedom. It grounds me on a bad day and lifts my spirits higher on a good one. 


  • French Drain Installation: Completed installation of French drains in paddocks 15 & 17 and across the front turnout gate entrance to enhance drainage and prevent waterlogging during rainy periods.

  • Enhanced Drainage: Continued efforts to improve drainage by digging more ditches to swiftly remove rainwater, ensuring horses can return to their paddocks promptly after heavy rainfall.

  • Water System Maintenance: Installed new water lines and addressed numerous auto water line leaks, working diligently to maintain a reliable water supply for our equine residents.

  • Fencing Repairs: Undertook extensive fencing repairs across the ranch, with ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and security of our pastures and enclosures.

  • Paddock Expansion: Commenced the division of previous paddock #4 into two paddocks, enhancing our capacity to accommodate our equine companions.

  • Safety Enhancements: Implemented measures to increase safety in the live-in pasture, prioritizing the well-being of both horses and staff.

  • Grounds Maintenance: Conducted several rounds of grass cutting to manage rapid growth, maintaining a neat and tidy environment for our equine friends.

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Addressed mechanical issues with ranch vehicles, including the replacement of the tractor's power steering line and repair of the gray truck's battery.

  • Infrastructure Updates: Installed new paddock signs and finalized the implementation of the new numbering system for improved organization and navigation.

  • Facility Beautification: Karrie Bradley undertook landscaping efforts, including weeding flower beds and propagating new olive trees from cuttings to enhance shade and aesthetics.

  • Hay Storage Management: Managed hay storage by regularly opening tarps to access hay while ensuring proper retying to maintain hay quality and prevent spoilage.

  • Residence Maintenance: Maintained the residence area by controlling weed and grass growth, ensuring a tidy and presentable living environment.

  • Waste Disposal Practices: Implemented environmentally friendly waste disposal practices by chopping up and disposing of wood from broken fencing instead of burning trash, contributing to air quality preservation efforts.

Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

Have you ever wondered about the importance of deworming your horse, even if fecal samples appear negative? Dr. Weiberg recently shared an enlightening article with us that delves into this topic. According to the provided resource, regular deworming remains crucial for maintaining your horse's health, despite negative fecal results. The article explores internal parasite guidelines, shedding light on why deworming is essential in preventing potential health issues in horses.

By following the link provided, you can access the full article and delve deeper into the intricacies of horse care and health. Understanding the rationale behind deworming practices is key to ensuring the well-being of our equine companions. We encourage you to explore this informative resource and enhance your knowledge of effective horse care strategies. Together, let's prioritize the health and happiness of our beloved horses at Emerald Hills Ranch.


Photos of the Month 

Safety Issues

Ensuring the safety and welfare of both our human and equine members is of utmost importance at Emerald Hills Ranch. As such, we kindly request everyone's cooperation in exercising caution around the quarantine area across the bridge. This area is currently designated for Steam Roller, who recently traveled on a commercial horse transport semi-truck. While Steam Roller displays no signs of illness, it's essential to maintain a safe distance from this area when walking or riding across the bridge. Your adherence to this precautionary measure contributes to the overall health and security of our community.

In light of recent events, we also want to emphasize the importance of wearing helmets while riding. A recent incident involving Windsong serves as a poignant reminder of the potential risks involved in horseback riding. When Windsong tripped and fell to a knee, Laura was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, Laura's helmet provided crucial protection, mitigating the severity of her injuries. This underscores the critical role helmets play in preventing head injuries and reinforces the necessity for all riders to prioritize safety by wearing helmets at all times while riding.


As part of our ongoing commitment to the health and welfare of our equine companions, we kindly remind all members to complete the vaccination and deworming spreadsheet located by the general notice whiteboard. Additionally, please take a moment to review and verify your emergency contact information on the newly printed spreadsheet posted on the corkboard next to the general whiteboard. Your attention to these administrative tasks ensures that we can promptly address any medical needs or emergencies that may arise, fostering a safe and supportive environment for our ranch community. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to maintaining a culture of safety and care at Emerald Hills Ranch.


Cartoon of the Month 



Final Thoughts

As we bid farewell to March and eagerly anticipate the adventures that April will bring, let us carry forward the lessons and experiences gained throughout the month. May we continue to prioritize safety, nurture relationships, and uphold the standards of excellence that define our ranch community. Together, let's embrace the spirit of teamwork and dedication as we embark on another month of shared experiences and cherished memories at Emerald Hills Ranch. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, and here's to the continued growth and success of our vibrant community.

Warm regards,

Laura & Eric

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