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Emerald Hills Ranch January 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 30

General Happenings at the Ranch

Greetings to our valued ranch community! As we navigate the unpredictable weather with an abundance of rain, our team has been working diligently to manage drainage and ensure the smooth flow of water off the property. We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their patience during this ongoing process. A special acknowledgment goes out to those individuals who consistently lend a hand in keeping the horse stalls clean – your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we genuinely appreciate your dedication.


Welcome New Ranch Members

A warm welcome awaits Lauren Maas and her two thoroughbreds, Gallon and Rain, scheduled to join the gelding pasture on February 3rd. We eagerly anticipate their arrival and look forward to them becoming integral members of our ranch family.


Fond Farewell

In the spirit of new beginnings, we bid farewell to Dakota as he embarks on a new chapter in the foothills with his new owner. Laura, your presence will be missed, and we wish you both the very best in your exciting endeavors. Rumor has it there might be a new mare in Laura's life, and we hope to meet her soon.


In Loving Remembrance

With heavy hearts, we say our goodbyes to Fetch. For those fortunate enough to have shared moments with this sweet and loving mare, her memory will forever hold a special place in our hearts. She leaves behind a legacy of warmth and joy. Condolences to Hannah Firth and all of Fetch’s friends.



  • Drainage Enhancements: Significant progress has been made in addressing drainage concerns, particularly in paddocks 1-7. The implementation of measures such as raising low areas, building steps, and refining edges has proven effective in mitigating water-related issues.

  • Gate Area Upgrades: The gate areas have undergone noticeable improvements, with steps and edging contributing to enhanced functionality. These enhancements not only address drainage concerns but also provide a more secure and convenient environment.

  • General Ranch Tidiness: Ongoing efforts to enhance various areas around the ranch continue, with a focus on convenience and maintaining a tidy atmosphere. These small but impactful improvements contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the ranch.

  • Feedback Welcome: As always, your feedback is crucial in shaping the ongoing improvement initiatives. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions as we work towards making the ranch an even more enjoyable space for everyone. Sent email to


Boarder & Horse of the Month (Eric)

  • Boarder Name: Lori Fox

  • Horse name: Honey (mini) and Annabelle (donkey)

  • How long have you been riding horses: I’ve had horses since 2001.

  • What is your favorite movie: Billy Jack and Practical Magic

  • What is one thing you like to do outside of horses: I ready, kayak, and shoot archery

  • What breed is your horse, and why did you choose this breed? Honey is a miniature horse and Annabelle is a Donkey. Both are sweethearts that I rescued when I lived in Nevada.

  • What is your favorite food dish? I love Mexican food, especially tacos with potatoes.

  • Name one thing about your horse that most do not know: Honey can unzip jacket zippers with her lips. Annabelle is very protective of her humans and can undo gates.

  • What would your dream vacation be: I want to go to Ireland and Scotland.

  • What is one word that best describes your horse: Sweethearts

  • Why do you enjoy horse riding? I love all animals. Horse and donkeys have a special place in my heart.

Lori & Honey
Lori & Annabelle


Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

For those interested in expanding their knowledge, here's some insightful information about Cushing's disease. Click here to delve into the details.


Photos of the Month


Safety Issues

  • Arena Usage During Heavy Rain: As we navigate the challenges of heavy rain, it's crucial to highlight safety concerns associated with the arena. Sandbags have been strategically placed to prevent flooding, and during periods of intense rainfall, it is unsafe to turn horses out in the arena. The sandbags serve a vital purpose in safeguarding the arena, and loose horses can pose risks to themselves and others.

  • Alternative Areas for Activities: To ensure the safety of both horses and riders, alternative areas are available for various activities during heavy rain. Pastures and the round pen remain open for liberty work, turnouts, and other exercises that would typically take place in the arena. Your cooperation in using these designated areas helps maintain a secure environment for everyone.

  • Risk of Injury: Horses, known for their curiosity and agility, can find ways to explore and, unfortunately, injure themselves when left loose in confined spaces during heavy rain. By using designated areas and following ranch guidelines, we collectively contribute to the overall well-being and safety of our equine friends.

  • Cooperation Encouraged: Your understanding and cooperation regarding safety issues are highly appreciated. If you have any concerns or suggestions related to safety measures, feel free to reach out, as your input is instrumental in continuously improving our safety protocols. Let's work together to ensure the well-being of both our equine companions and our ranch community.



A polite request to all members to clean up after your horses in the cross-tie area. Your attention to this detail contributes significantly to maintaining a clean and respectful environment for everyone.


Cartoon of the Month (Eric)


Final Thoughts

Thank you all for your continued support and cooperation. We're grateful to have each one of you as part of our vibrant ranch community. Here's to a month filled with shared moments, growth, and the joy that comes from being around these magnificent creatures. Happy trails! 🐴✨

Thank you,

Laura & Eric

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