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June 2022 Newsletter

General Happenings at the Ranch

Irrigation: After a few technical delays we are now irrigating the turn out pastures and landscaping. Yes, there is a leak somewhere hence the giant hole by the entry gate, however, it has vanished, so since leaks don’t fix themselves, it remains an eyesore until we can find the source.

Hay: We got our first shipment of 80 grass/20 alfalfa mixed hay for the 2022 season. I am happy to report that we had zero issues with the transition from one hay to the other. Our shipment of alfalfa should arrive by the first week of June and cow hay thereafter.

Star Thistle: We will be using an environmentally friendly solution of vinegar, dish soap, and salt to kill the weeds including the star thistle around the property. It is safe for horses to graze in these areas after treatment. The star thistle in the common areas will be pulled where it can.

Water Tanks: Rigo has been busy power washing all the water tanks, including the turnouts and pastures. We gathered a count of living fish and will be getting mosquito fish for all the tanks to help with both cleaner water throughout the summer season but also to lessen the mosquitos. It's a win win.

Community Garden: Bob has been mixing in manure and other organic material preparing the soil for our first community garden. After a few hiccups with the tiller running, it is starting to be planted. How it works is simple. The veggies will be put out on the table when picked and ready to eat. Those who want to donate plants or time working in the garden are free to do so. The effort put in will produce the effect. So far, we have about 8 or 9 plants growing with room for about 30 more! No need for any permission, just hop on in and spend some time doing whatever you want whether it is adding plants, weeding, or picking when the time comes.

Welcome and Goodbye to Boarders

Penn is trying his skills as a therapy horse over at Horse Play in Dixon. Debra has reported that it is going great so far. If he decides he loves his new job and life he will remain there. We wish both him and Debra the best of luck in their new endeavor. You will both be missed.

Poppy heads go off for saddle training, watching her grow from a yearling to riding age has been a highlight at the barn. We wish her a wonderful experience. Olivia, Poppy’s owner, has a great opportunity in San Luis Obispo to run the new quarantine center for the UC Center for Equine Health. She will be moving at the end of June. Congratulations on your new job. We will miss your daily presence and helpful nature. It has been wonderful watching your partnership with Poppy blossom. Best wishes to you both. Happy Trails.

Pearl, Bob’s black Arabian that lives with Hercules, has found a retirement home not too far from the ranch. He will be a companion to an old horse named Smoothie who just lost her buddy.

Gemee will be moving to Oregon in July. Wish her the best of luck in her transport and new home with her previous owner.

Photos of the Month

The water does taste better on the other side of the fence

Clean water tanks with mosquito fish

Random hail storm

Fun Facts about Horse Care/Health

Sun Protection (who needs it and why): Did you know that even on cloudy days the UV rays can burn once the UV Index reaches 7 or higher. Horses with pink skin can burn super easy. This means those areas on your horse that have pink under the hair such as blazes, around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Luckily shade and a few extra precautions such as long nose fly masks, suntan lotion, and fly sheets can help most horses stay safe during the scorching days of summer.

Fly Season: Here is an article about Pigeon Fever and how to keep your horses safe from this during fly season. Some helpful signs to watch for and simple inexpensive things we can do to keep everyone safe at the barn. Pigeon-fever

Helpful information about horses and heat: keeping-horses-healthy-hot-weather (UC DAVIS) preventing-heat-stress-in-horses-8351 (Equus Magazine)


Paddock Fencing: Work is underway with replacing boards and repainting starting with paddocks #1 & #2. We will not be replacing the top rail due to the contact with direct sunlight and to minimize the cost as there are other painting projects lined up for later in the season.

Dirt: A pool company donated some clean dirt for us to use throughout the property. We have already been filling holes from horses pawing and other areas where needed.

Shade Shelters: The materials have been ordered and should arrive sometime next week for the shade structures to be built in Paddocks #18 (Belle/Oakley), #21 (Cash), & #16A (new horse arriving at the end of June). Paddocks #1, 2, 6 will have the shade cloth replaced with solid roof panels.

Safety Issues

Fire Plan :A sign-up sheet is posted in the main barn. This is a spreadsheet for folks with trailer to buddy up with horses without trailers for evacuation. We will then have a tally on how many horses we need to find volunteer trailers for should we need to evacuate.

Evacuation Procedures: More information will be posted and email sent out as we get this finalized over the next week.


Manure Pick up: Please be considerate of others and pick up your horse’s manure in the arena, round pen, and common paths around the property.

Trailer Tires: We have a compressor at the barn. Those who have trailers stored on the property should stop by to fill your tires, including your spare. It's always a good idea to hook up and test your brakes and signals so that you are road ready for fire season.

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